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"Kritter Kollege"

Ask yourself these 7 questions to see how much you know about wildlife.

A simple TEST on what you read, and a little you didn't in My WebPage.  (Degree offered!). Don't be shy, take the test. Watch for the fireworks.

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(1).. It is OK to possess a Wild Dove as long as you can give it proper attention and care.
(2).. In "Our Animals"
(3).."Wildlife imprinting" helps save wildlife from Food Chain Poisoning
(4)..Carolina Parakeet make good pets because they are plentiful.
(5)..We must Spay or Neuter out pets so they will not get lost.
(6)..I found a Baby bird should I immediately pick it up and take it to a
Wildlife Rehabilitator.
(7)..I love Wildlife, but I would rather sit back and let "George" do it.



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