“Hi. My name is Boo-Boo and I was rescued after being hit by a car. I am a product of why you SHOULD Neuter and Spay your pets.

After I was born I struck out on my own, I did the usual dog things, raided garbage cans, chased cats, left deposits on lawns. Until one day when I was hit by a car. Oh did that hurt. Not having a owner to help me I crawled off. The person that had hit me called the Humane Society and they came out to pick me up. Man was I scared. I was taken to the shelter and I could hear them saying something about going to sleep. Now I was not tired, I was just hurting and scared. Tom, the guy that picked me up said “No way” and the next thing I knew I was whisked away to the Dog Doctors Office.

Now this Dog Doctor had no bedside manner at all. He pushed and probed, took pictures of my leg. Looked down my throat, checked my gums. Hey Doc I barked, its my leg that hurts, your at the wrong end. Anyway to make a long story short. He put my leg in a cast, gave me some shots with a long needle, shot some awful tasting stuff down my throat. And Tom took me to his home. I have been there ever since. My message to you is simple, Please Spay and Neuter your Pets. Also, if you want to get a GOOD dog or cat, visit your local Humane Society. Keep the pet population down. Hey I wonder why I was called Boo-Boo??

For several years I worked for a Humane Society as a Cruelty Investigator. It was very interesting, but at times, depressing work. But that is another story in itself. While working there I ran across this article and I would like to share with you. It has nothing to do with Wildlife but may be interesting to you.

It is about the late Senator George G Vest of Missouri. In a court action to recover damages for the wanton killing of a neighbor’s dog he made a speech to the jury. The suit was for $200 damages but following this appeal, the jury, after two minutes deliberation, found for the plaintiff and assessed the damages at $500, after asking the Judge if defendant could not be punished by imprisonment or be more severely dealt with.