Now some people may get bored to tears reading this, but those who are interested may not. There was a wonderful and very true statement once made and it went like this. HISTORY repeats itself, but all to often we fail to read the minutes of the last meeting. Well read on, it is happening.

“We as humans, live on a limited planet that is in the process of being consumed by the prolific unconscious destruction of our Ecosystems, Wildlife, and fresh air”. Think hard people, its all for the power of the “Dollar” Most watch and do “Nothing”! Tom Rudge

Did you know… Wild animals are protected by state and federal wildlife laws. It is illegal to have a wild animal in your possession - even if you are trying to care for it. It is illegal, unsafe, and unwise to try to keep a wild animal as a pet. To avoid breaking the law and being subject to fines or other punishment, and to offer the animal the best chance for survival, take injured or orphaned animals to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. If you can not find one, go to my Related Links for addresses. If you can not find one in your area, contact your State Wildlife Agency also in Related Links.



(Author Unknown)

1.. You have a bumper sticker on your truck that says “I Brake for Road Kills”.
2.. You stop every 15 minutes while grocery shopping to feed the nestlings temporarily residing in your purse.
3.. You stop traffic on a 4-lane highway to retrieve an animal while your spouse pretends they don’t know you.
4.. There is more frozen animal food in your freezer than human food.
5.. You “react” every time you see a cardboard box.
6.. You assume every phone call you receive (at work OR at home) is about a injured/orphaned animal and respond accordingly.
7.. You have Bactrim and milk replacer in your refrigerator at home at all times.
8.. You don’t think it’s strange at all to have dead animals in your freezer at home.
9.. Your family picture includes one or more wild animals in it.
10.. You buy cat toys and they aren’t for your cat, but for your ‘coons.
11.. You are known as the local “vet” for everything that was once known as “almost road kill”.
12.. A Sunday dinner is preluded by a call to pick up a “little deer right around the corner” and you find out it weighs more than you do!
13.. More than 5 species of animals eat out of the same bowl.
14.. Children sing “Old McDonald Had A Farm”, and they are referring to you… and they make sounds of raccoons and raptors when singing.
15.. Your neighbor calls and they want you to come and get your raccoon out of their tree.
16.. You plan your vacation around the “birthing” season.
17.. The pictures of your releases outnumber the pictures of your children.
18.. Your email letter is misspelled because an animal fell on your keyboard, and you apologize for it.
19.. You have to explain to the long distance operator that the number dialed was accidentally dialed by your raccoon and you don’t wish to be charged for it.
20.. The name “Grubco” no longer makes you giggle.
21.. You can’t understand why your friend screamed when she found a few mealworms in your hairbrush.
22.. You say, “Yes, they poop on me”… before anyone asks.
23.. You’re in the mall, and all you catch are the words “The Bird Lady”.
24.. You’re happy when you get a gift certificate for earthworms.
25.. You cut bait, but you don’t fish.
26.. You’ve washed a few smelt accidentally in your Maytag.
27.. You have a different mental picture than everyone else when you hear the words “Some loon is in my parking space!”
28.. Feathers in your hair il cialis are not a fashion statement.
29.. Safeway gives you a quiz on exactly why you want raw ground beef heart.
30.. You buy more baby food than anyone else in town, and you don’t have any children.
31.. You use the word “Goatsucker” and you’re not being insulting.
32.. You buy cat food by the case and you don’t own a cat.
33.. Your linen closet contains more than five heating pads.
34.. You know what happens when you try to thaw a mouse in the microwave.
35.. Friends arrive for dinner and bring road kills that they picked up on the way over.
36.. There’s a car hit dead dog in the middle of the road and everyone is standing around in shock and you get out of your car and say,” It’s alright, I’m used to this. Let me give you a hand.”
37.. Overnight guests cannot stay in the guestrooms because there are ducklings in the tubs and incubators in the rooms.
38.. Your children go to get something out of the refrigerator and you say “Don’t disturb the bat!”
39.. At 2 a.m. during feeding, the baby Birds are starting to talk back to you.
40.. At 3 a.m. you realize you have lost one in the house, Oh well there goes your sleep.