Pages must be appropriate for all ages. No profanity, and no Adult only pages or links to Adult pages. This includes pop up advertising and banners. No links to on-line gambling . Offered only to wildlife/nature/endangered species/environmental/ and domestic animal sites.

No, or few broken images. Think I won’t notice? I found this really great site that can test every link on your site. If you have a lot of links, and only one or two are broken, no big deal.

But if you only link to two other pages, and one is broken, well, that makes it quite noticeable, doesn’t it?

Your page must load fairly quick. I’ll be honest, I’ve really discovered a distaste for MOST frames. If you are one of the few who have discovered how to make frames load quickly, more power to you, as frames are easy to navigate in.

The overall appearance of the page must be good. Unlike other awards, this one is to determine what is good.

This is a special award, and not just any page is going to receive it! I am not impressed by fancy

things (gif’s, jpg’s etc.) What impresses me is honest content and your hard work. Beginning page builders are welcome to applyl.

Content MUST Wildlife or Animal related. I will be the final judge in determining what is good.

However signing my Guest Book would help.

I also ask that you link back the Award to my Website.